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Cake Express Ghaziabad

About us 

Cake Express Ghaziabad has been a known name amongst the foodies across the city and even if you are not one but you must love cake because we all love cake. Cakes are mandatory for every celebration and even if you are sad, cakes can make you happy and that is biologically proven. We at Cake Express, every day put our heart and soul in baking cakes for you which you would love to relish upon and we believe in blending the cakes not only with ingredients but also with the love and care and urge for having cakes and all other great emotions together in one cake so that you can have a bite and remember the special day forever. We not only do cake delivery in Ghaziabad but also if you see we deliver happiness packed in a box with lots of sweetness. That is what this world needs at this point in time, isn’t it? We need love and care and what else can symbolize that care, love rather than a customized cake just baked for you, especially and that too sent with love from your nearer and dearer ones. 

If you are in Ghaziabad and you love cakes then you can definitely try our and if you want to deliver it to your friend’s place, we are here to help. If you love cakes, then you must have quality cakes which are specially prepared for you keeping in mind your preferences and tastes and that what we believe in out Cake Express. We only use premium quality of ingredients which are selected from the exquisite range of items. We don’t like to compromise with our quality but that doesn’t mean we will charge you an irrelevant price for the cakes. 

We are not new in the market and thus you can trust the experience we have gained in servicing you for last one decade and more. We understand your likings and preference and you are our top most priority and thus we believe in making cakes which can convey your emotion to your beloved ones and vice versa. We customize cakes according to your preference and our ideas which till date loved by the majority of our customers. We want to thank you all for loving us so much and making us run our dream business for last 14 years. 

We not only prioritize our customers but we also take care of our suppliers and the clients as they are the ones who provide us with the best ingredients in the market so that we can bake and deliver the best cakes in Ghaziabad. 

We are proud that we are one of the few cake and food shop/business in Ghaziabad who has started online cake delivery in Ghaziabad and thanks to you all for accepting us.


Cake Express is not only a business entity to us, we love eating and we love to make people eat and what else better than a cake and pastries would be to offer to our customers which range from 8 years old to 80. We at Cake Express believe that if we provide you with the best quality cakes, your love and support will help us grow and that is what we are doing for last more than one decade. We in the form of the best ingredients provide the best quality cakes and that is what we aim at. We strive for making something innovative in the space of baking cakes as innovation is not restricted to technology. We believe in serving you with the fresh and top most quality of ingredients which you would hardly find in the price range we provide for. We as a delivery agent as well for the cakes we bake, we try to be there for you at any point in time of the day and even if it is the night. We love baking cakes for you and that what we want to do.


Our mission is very straight and clear and that is we want to serve you at the best and thus making us one of the most loved bakeries in Ghaziabad. Being one of the few midnight cake delivery in Ghaziabad, we are already on our way to make something out of the box beside taking ingredients from different boxes which are of an impeccable quality so that you love us a little more. 


We believe in customization though we have a lot of regular cakes and pastries which every love in their daily life at our store and we deliver them when you asked us to. We have different varieties of cakes ranging from the cakes you would prefer in the wedding to birthdays and even for the corporate events. You name it, we have it and if we don’t have one, give us some time, we will bake it especially for you with the freshest quality of the constituents. From the fondant cakes to the wedding cakes, we have a variety of products to offer you and you have a huge range of options to choose from. 


We are there for you 24/7 and that is what we really do. We not only bake cakes but if you ask us at 2 a.m. also, we will be available to deliver the freshly baked cake at your doorstep. Not only this, we also deliver within the city for making your loved ones happy on their special days. You can just place the order for the cake and we will bake it and deliver to the exact address provided by you. We will also be happy to see your friend happy getting a birthday surprise cake at midnight via us which has been sent by you. 


We are located at Indirapuram, Crossing Republik, Kaushambi, Vaishali, Vasundhara and many other places in Ghaziabad. You can always reach us at the below mentioned contact details and keep visiting our website for new products and services.  

Contact Number: 9650261111